Advertising Photography

As George Eastman says, “Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.” Light is the most important aspect in storytelling when it comes to visual media. The storytelling format and strategy decide what will be seen and what will not. In a business of advertising photography, we create an experience, a chance for the customers to feel and to get associated with the brand propositions emotionally-strongly.

Advertising photography is the art of showcasing your products/services in a way that will persuade the buyers. The purpose of advertising is not always sale, it is done for the purpose of brand image, to make customers aware about the products or the brand itself, to create a desire for the product. Advertising photography focuses on storytelling of the products in a creative manner in order to leave an impact on the potential customers. Another important aspect to be focused on while shooting these images are the idea or thought behind. as advertising photography is all about storytelling; the arrangement and composition in order to maintain a balance in the photographs.

           Modern advertising relies on basic principles of psychology and the human behaviour in order to create successful ad campaigns. For example, the Gestalt principles says that there is a link between perception and human behaviour. Therefore, it means that an image perceived by differently by each person based on their personal memories and experiences. So, that image needs to have a story capable of this interpretation. We put in our heart and soul into creating advertisement campaigns with a great level of care and diligence.   

            The marketers have mere seconds to catch the interest of the audience. The ad campaigns need to be crisp, informative while still being impactful. There needs to an emotional connection when the customer sees the images. This way they will be more likely to buy the product. The connection also makes them come back for some more.

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