Product Photography

Fact checks – “90% of online buyers say that photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale.”

Increasing e-commerce websites conversions:

The key is to upgrade your approach towards product photography.  The concept and clarity of the product photos are imperative in e-commerce business today as it enables the visual engagement of the target audience and thus acts as a decision-making factor. This will also help the product manufacturer to stand out from their competitors by the efficient display of their products. There is always a challenge of intangibility in e-commerce business and under such circumstances, a high-quality image of the product will act as a substitute for missing senses like touch and feel.

Wouldn’t it be great to share a photo of a set of great product photography, and instantly have customers drooling over it? We at Soubhagya photography will help you to achieve this.

Besides manufacturing or marketing high quality products, contextualizing the product images will create a new and unique world around your products and this is exactly what we offer at Soubhagya photography.

Some tips to improve your product photography include but not limited to the following:

  1. Lighting– Lighting is the most important part of the product photography as it creates a visual appeal for the audience. We need to achieve the perfect colour tones through the right light setups. Appropriate retouching will further enhance the quality of the image to make it look best.
  2. Textures and retouching – The right textures bring life to product photography as it influences the audience to buy or to choose the product. The colours and tones can be enhanced by adding a subtle layer of texture that could highlight specific parts of the image without hampering originality.
  3. Various angles – showcasing the product from various angles is also essential to make the client to get an in-store purchase feel. As an example, in jewellery photography, it is vibrant to have the photo shoot of the product in various angles including zoom, flat, side etc to enable the client to imagine a holistic visual of the product.
  4. In the genre of jewellery photography having the product being worn by a mannequin or model gives a further enhancement to the right imagination of the client on the product being purchased by him/her.


Product photography is vital to increase virtual engagement with your clients and the successful sale that results from it. We at Soubhagya Photography would be the ideal solutions to your finest products and showcasing your products to the world


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