Fashion Photography

Fashion photography or portraiture in photography is an image of a person or a group of people that captures the mood of the brand/subject in that moment by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. When it comes to creating portfolios, the need and styling of the requirement of the model are ever-changing. We offer modeling portfolios, acting portfolios also a corporate portfolios.

All portfolios are made to fulfill one common objective, that is, convincing the client. Through these images, we try to tell a unique story that befits the aesthetic of that particular model. My team and I use a lot of outdoor environments to create magical light and drama. Shooting portfolios in the studio and outdoor are completely different in nature. Sometimes we do shoot portfolios in busy streets of any metro cities to establish a particular story that needs to be designed.

We believe that the technical aspects of portfolio shoots need to be strong and idea-driven. Portfolios are made to get work and these works should portray the model in the right frame and manner to bag projects. As photographers, those are only our success stories.