An Evening with Shweta Venkatesh

Shweta Venkatesh, a talented Indian classical dancer based in Bangalore. I have attended her shows many times. I used to admire her fluency with the language of dance and her own style of presenting.  I wanted to capture her process of becoming so graceful on the stage and dominate it. So, one fine evening, with her permission I was present in Bangalore Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan auditorium.  It was a different experience for me as a photographer. Within two hours how a next-door lady transformed into the finest dancer of Bharatanatyam – was just out of the world experience. With her every single makeup and every single ornament, she was getting into the skin of her roles which she later performed on the stage. Practise, innovation in the language of art, confidence, and her own interpretations of art make a big impact on stage. I just tried my bit to capture the lovely process.  An evening with Indian classical dance form – Bharatanatyam, performed by Shweta left good memories in my mind and on my lenses.  

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