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“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.” – Bill Brandt

Welcome to our world of light, lens, shutter, heart, and mind. The most amazing power of photography is to transform new things into familiar and familiar things new and that’s exactly how we treat each subject of mine. Be it portraits/portfolios, advertising, products, weddings, events, or fine arts – we can be your one-stop shop. Please have a glance at the gallery and we are just a ring away from your service. We provide creative photography services.


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Soubhagya tells stories – not with words but through his camera. His broad spectrum of work includes travel, nature, portrait, glamour and fashion, advertising, and even customized creative weddings. Soubhagya has an infectious enthusiasm and humility and is creative in every composition. An infatuation that started at an early age with colour and canvas turned out to be a serious love affair, with aperture, lens, shutter, and image. It was around 2009 while shuttling between his agency job and attending photography seminars and workshops did he realize his true reckoning. ‘I realized photography gave me the scope to paint myriad canvases through my lenses.’ – says he.

Soubhagya no longer takes pictures; he makes them. So no wonder his prestigious assignments range from Fastrack watches to the Royal Family of Mysore! His works have also featured in numerous magazines and journals.

His photographic stories have been comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable. Each of his works reflects his keen eye for detail and perspectives, capturing their many untold moments and moods with elan. However his forte and favorite among all remains ‘people and portrait’. Soubhagya and his team provide exclusive creative photography services to his clients.

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